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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Miss those backpackers days

Thinking of going abroad.... Backpackers.. mencari tempat2 exotic.. maybe Ho Chi Minh, Bali or Singapore.

But paling penting must have Air Asia flight service... hehe "destinasi bajet"

So, Bon Voyage

Beijing (err.. kira backpackers ke cmni)




Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back for Good...

It's been like 'forever' since my last time updating this blog.. busy of doing this n that..

This is what i sbuk sgt buat smpai xda mood n masa updating this blog...
Work + Horlicks
Back to School(Alif tendang Wau - Sarkis)

But, now nmpak cam ada msa lbih skit since dh tkar dpmnt.. hope can share more bout me with y'all soon.. ciao!

Monday, October 19, 2009

What sHe was doiNg???

Date : Malam Raya Ritu..

Time : 10 p.m something..

Venue : Butik Hajaba, SP

Mission : Cari tudung kaler purple 4 mommy

Carliff : Daddy, mommy buat pe?

Daddy : Cari tudung..

Carliff : Lamanya, sleepy..

Daddy : normal la tu, women..

Carliff : Agak2, mommy jumpa x tudung tu?

Daddy : Cnfirm tak jmpa..

Carliff : How do u know?

Daddy : 1 pun daddy tgk x berkenan.. daddy kn mommy pnya fshion cnsltant..

Carliff : Then y mommy still try suma tudung?

Daddy : Like i said, women.. complicated skit.. cant live with them, cant live without them..

Carliff : hehhe, syyy.. mommy's coming..

Daddy : hehehe, thats y i married her..
p/s : Like daddy said, kami x beli pun tudung kt hajaba, tudung dlm gambar tu mommy beli kat ariani.. hehhe

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pink is a new Black for Men

Now they already come up with a new term for pink, which they call it "Masculine Pink", So guys, dare to updte ur wardrobe... i give u these successfull icons, watch n erase ur thought that pink is for "adik-adik" only.. hehehe, it's good to be back, is it aiza?

Brad Pitt at Cannes film festival

Nadal during 2009 French Open

Cristiano Ronaldo, Should i say more??

Stade Francais, French rugby club

Nedved, Buffon n Del Piero of Juventus

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Backpacking Around Europe - Yuna

Nice Song and well done on the lyrics.. They said she sounds more like Norah Jones but not for me, 4 me she's bringing the word "stylo" to a new level.. Malaysia Boleh

We question what we are
This I spent the best so far
And I miss you
When we're apart

I... I barely even know you
You rarely do this too
I don't usually talk to strangers
Until I met you

And this feeling shall last
This feeling shall last
We are proud to know to not to know
That we are strong enough to let it go
And this feeling shall last
This feeling shall last
I could be a thousand years apart
And you always have my heart

Well this has been nice
We'll meet again sometime
But I can't promise you
Coz I'm flying away

When I'm (on) top of some building In Montreal
With the lovely view
I'll think of you


We're going that backpack intrigue
We're traveling around Europe
And 7 different languages
And learn how to say Hello
Oh will you do stop by the Eiffel Tower
We'll drive around Rome
Before we head on home
It's a small world darling
And we are still young
We might be so far away
We might just meet again someday...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Than Meets The Eye

3 More days b4 the Screening... Cant Wait but Just Wait till 2nd Week, Hopefully there will b less crowd kot..

So, which side r u in, Autobots or Decepticons? Me? still cant dcide yet..

Enjoy.. Transform and Rolls out!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

El Galacticos Goes Shopping